Month: December 2014

2014 Hair Recap + Hair Pics

Hello! I hope the holiday season has been wonderful for you and your loved ones. Is it just me, or did 2014 go by really quickly? This has been a good year for my hair: I went from APL to BSL, found new products I loved, tried new styles, no real setbacks and developed a new deep-found appreciation for my natural hair. Another highlight is that I finally started this blog The only real letdown this year was my retention stagnating in the latter half of the year, but it only motivates me to do better in next year. I am beyond excited for 2015 because I have some things in the works that I can’t wait to share with you all


How To Winterize A Hair Regimen


So winter is finally here and, If you live up North like me, you know winter can be rough on your hair. Between the cold dry hair, dry indoor heating and constant friction with heavy fabrics, winter can really mess up your retention if you aren’t careful. Despite all this, I feel like winter has the potential to be the best season for retaining growth. It might sound weird, but think about it – most people hide their hair while deep conditioning more. That is pretty much the perfect recipe for retaining pretty much all of your growth – moisture and protective styling. During winter, I like to revamp my regimen to find ways to counteract the harsh weather outside and keep my hair happy, healthy and growing (I’m not the only one who tweaks their regimen at the beginning of every season, right?). The tips below are general rules I have been following every winter since I began my healthy hair journey, so these tips are excellent for both natural and relaxed hair. Here is how I “winterize” my hair regimen:


First Hair Impression + Adventures In Wig Making

Today’s entry is half hair unboxing, half wig review. The hair I will be discussing is Outre’s Premium Purple Pack Multi 5 One Pack Solution in Paris Wave. It cost $24.99 and I got it at my local beauty supply store. The hair was purchased with my own money and the wig was made by me ☺



My Cherry Lola Treatment Experience

I know I am superrr late in hopping on the Cherry Lola Treatment bandwagon. I remember hearing about it years ago, but I was relaxed and didn’t pay it much mind. Even when I went natural, it didn’t pique my interest because I spent most of my early natural days cowashing and in braids. It wasn’t until I decided to try the Maximum Hydration Method in September (more on that in a later entry) that I actually looked into it.


Product Review: Silicon Mix Proteina De Perla Hair Treatment + Leave In

Today I am doing not one, but two product reviews! This is my first product review, so please comment if you feel like I missed reviewing anything 🙂 I will be reviewing two products from the Silicon Mix Proteina de Perla hair line: the Fortifying Hair Treatment and Leave-In Conditioner. Both were purchased from with my own money. Can I just mention how these were on my doorstep within twelve hours of ordering? Shout out to same day shipping, UPS and wigtypes warehouse being in the county adjacent to mine.