Month: January 2015

My Top 6 Hair Oils

I’ve never been a product junkie, but one thing I do like to collect buy is oil for my hair. I love the fact that they are multifunctional (I use them on my hair as sealants, added to conditioners, for my skin, etc) and they’re usually cheap. I’ve tried quite a few oils over the years and, although none have been particularly awful, some had better qualities and effects on my hair. These are the ones that I like enough to keep in my regimen, either as a straight oil or in my hair products:


2015 Hair Goals & Resolutions


Hello and Happy New Year! I don’t normally fall for the New Year’s Resolutions hype because I, like most people, would fall off completely by February. This year however, there are some changes that are long overdue and I want to make a concerted effort this time around. I┬áhave a laundry list of resolutions and will be sharing the hair related ones here to hold myself accountable. As an added incentive, I will update at the end of the year as to whether I was successful or not.