Hello and Happy New Year! I don’t normally fall for the New Year’s Resolutions hype because I, like most people, would fall off completely by February. This year however, there are some changes that are long overdue and I want to make a concerted effort this time around. I have a laundry list of resolutions and will be sharing the hair related ones here to hold myself accountable. As an added incentive, I will update at the end of the year as to whether I was successful or not.

Eat Better
My diet leaves a lot to be desired; I don’t eat nearly enough fruits or vegetables, nor do I drink enough water or take my vitamins consistently. Despite all that, my hair still grows half an inch per month. If my hair can grow at an average rate without optimal nutrition, I’m curious as to how well it could possibly grow if I ate better. My goals are to have one serving daily of vegetables and fruit daily (either in a smoothie, as a snack or part of a meal), consume at least 50 grams of protein (supplementing with a protein shake if necessary), drink at least 10 glasses of water per day and take vitamins (multivitamin, B Complex, Biotin and Silica)

Master loose hairstyles (flat iron, braid out, twist out, etc)
In the two years I’ve been natural, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn my hair loose. Every loose style I have tried thus far (braidouts, twistouts, straightened, etc) was always a mess because of my bad ends made taking down styles a frizzy mess. The only loose style I could wear was a wash and go, and that was after I tried The Maximum Hydration Method. Since I will be MBL by the time it warms up, I have every intention of wearing my hair out and enjoying it. I love being natural, but would hate being limited to buns or wigs because I’m style challenged.

Cut Back On Hair Spending
Even though my hair isn’t picky, I surprisingly have never been a product junkie. My biggest weakness has been hair weave and, to a lesser extent, wigs. Everytime I go to my local beauty supply store, I always wander to the weave section and would often pick something up. I’ve accrued more hair than I care to think about, most of which has either ended up on failed practice wigs or just sitting around unused. I’ve only ever bought wigs online after thoroughly researching them, so that really curbed my wig buying. I’ve begun doing the same when buying weaving hair (plus it’s cheaper online) and my spending and “in the moment” purchases have decreased dramatically. So this resolution is more of a no weave buying challenge and it will last a year. I will only spend on hair necessities (replacing my staple products) and one frivolous wig/weave purchase. I don’t think it should be too hard because I have three wigs (one under construction) and I will be wearing my own hair more.

Reach (or graze) WL/Retain 5 Inches

My hair on 12/19/14. he dashed line is my current length and the solid one is WL. I think it’s feasible in a year 🙂

These two goals feel the most “out there” for me, because I’ve never accomplished either one before. Since they both go hand in hand, I figure it would make sense to combine them on this list. I should be MBL by May so if I retain all (or at least most) of my growth, I could very well be WL by year’s end. My goal is five inches, rather than six, to account for any necessary trims from wearing my hair loose more often this year. 

Keep up blog
I enjoy blogging and will try my best to keep it regularly updated (as well as take many more pictures). Right now my goal is to post weekly, but I hope to move up to twice per week as the year progresses. I hope branching out to non-hair topics in the near future will allow me to post more frequently, so stay tuned 🙂

Thanks for Reading!


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