Month: April 2015

Hairstyle of the Day: High Bun

Yesterday was a warm gorgeous day here in New York and since I had plans, I wanted to do something nice with my hair. I originally wanted to do something a bit more complex, but I ended up settling on a simple high bun with Marley hair. This is one of my favorite “special occassion” styles because I can protect my hair while looking cute and sophisticated. While I do love high buns (and buns in general), I don’t do them often because it requires a lot of manipulation (detangling with a comb, brushing, etc). But the end result is so worth it ☺ I will likely shampoo and deep condition again this week, just to baby my hair before I put heat on it.

I deep conditioned the night before using Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner (which doubled as my leave in), honey and a variety of oils. I stretched my hair overnight in braids and used Giovanni’s LA Naturals Styling Gel to slick down the perimeter of my hair. I noticed that my hair has grown quite a bit because it was hard to hide my own ponytail. Last time I did this style, wrapping the hair around my own ponytail was enough to hide it; but this time, even my twisted and pinned down ponytail still poked through.

Here are the results. I tried to get decent pictures, but I was in a rush and was pretty much on my way out the door.


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Why I Love Ceramides



I was sitting looking at some of my older entries when something hit me – I talk a lot about ceramides but never explained why! I could imagine how confusing it would be to see me singing the praises of ceramides without actually explaining what they are and why I love them so much. I first learned about ceramides on LHCF in 2010 after seeing a “Ceramide Challenge”. I became extremely curious, “What is a ceramide and why did it need a challenge?” Admittedly I skimmed over the nuts and bolts about ceramides, my eyes being immediately drawn to the photos of women sharing pictures of how ceramides changed their hair. Everyone’s hair looked so shiny and healthy and, since I was early in my hair journey, I was willing to try anything that could help repair my hair and make it look good at the same time.