Today marks the six year anniversary of the day I began my healthy hair journey (HHJ)! I’m a bit excited because I actually have a blog to discuss it on, and I haven’t even really acknowledged my HHJ anniversary in years. Part of it is focusing more on my big chop anniversary since going natural, and also because the newness has worn off. While my big chop anniversary is a pivotal day in my hair journey, I cannot forget the day I officially began my journey. To be honest were it not for my HHJ, I probably wouldn’t have gone, or certainly wouldn’t have stayed, natural.

If you are interested in my actual HHJ story, here you go ☺

It’s surreal to sit back and realize the changes my hair has gone through in six years. Had you told me that within six years, I would reach MBL, go natural and reach BSL as a natural, I wouldn’t have believed you. I grew up being told my hair “just didn’t grow” and, after only surpassing SL once before my healthy hair journey (and my hair promptly broke off), I believed it. I honestly thought I would never have long hair and would have to rely on relaxers and weaves indefinitely. To watch my hair flourish these last few years has been nothing short of amazing. I feel lucky that my HHJ has been smooth sailing with no setbacks and pretty consistent retention. Even though it’s been six years, I have yet to get bored with my hair and actually still get so much joy from trying new things with it. I simply love my hair ❤

I am still actively growing my hair and hope to be waist length by year’s end. Although I have no definitive goal length, I feel that once I hit waist length, I can relax and not worry so much about growth. I hope by my next HHJ anniversary to just be in “maintenance mode” so I can just enjoy my hair and let it be ☺

Have a Nice Weekend!