Month: June 2015

Product Review: Crece Pelo Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatment

featureToday I will be reviewing the
Crece Pelo Natural Phitotherapeutic Treatment (that name is a mouthful lol). I got it from my local beauty supply in the eight ounce size, but it also comes in 16, 28, 36 and 61 ounce varieties. Guys…I have found my Holy Grail deep conditioner!!! During the six years I’ve been on my hair journey, I’ve tried my fair share of conditioners but none of them have ever “wowed” me. Sure some were impressive and I even repurchased simply because they made my hair feel “nice”, but none were really game changers for my hair. That is until now. I stumbled upon this gem while in search of a new conditioner. I had planned to restart the Maximum Hydration Method regimen and really wanted to add another conditioner to my rotation (I only had the Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner at the time). While looking through the list of approved conditioners, I was pleasantly surprised to see Crece Pelo on the list. It was available locally and affordable, so I decided to give it a try.


Product Review: Giovanni Direct Leave In Weightless Moisture Conditioner


Today I will be reviewing Giovanni’s Direct Leave In Weightless Moisture Conditioner, which I purchased from my local beauty supply store for $6.99. I remember this leave in conditioner being highly praised among naturals a few years back, but I was relaxed at the time and never thought to try it. But a few weeks ago I was at my local beauty supply store and noticed that they carried Giovanni haircare products! I was pleasantly surprised because this is a small hole in the wall type beauty supply, so I really didn’t expect to see it there. I had been in search of a new conditioner to try so when I saw this, I



Hello and welcome to my first post on my new website! I’m so excited to finally have my own site and kind of feel like a legitimate blogger now 🙂 (something about having my own domain name makes it feel more legit). Nothing about the blog will be changing; I’ll still be talking hair and will even try to squeeze in some other beauty related topics.

I’ll be back later this week with a post of substance 🙂

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