Today I will be reviewing two products from the Ruby Kisses cosmetics line – their nail polish and Lip Lacquer. Both were purchased from my local beauty supply for under $4.

First up is the Lip Lacquer. They cost $3.99 and are carried at beauty supply stores, as well as many online retailers such as eBay, Amazon, etc. The product is touted as being a combination of a lipstick and a lipgloss that will keep your lips hydrated and deliver vivid long lasting color. I had my eye on these due to all the rave reviews they get online (I always check reviews online before buying cosmetics and hair products). They come in a variety of gorgeous eye catching colors, ranging from nudes to pinks, orange and reds to even black, yellow and blue. I ultimately wanted a color that I didn’t already have and could realistically see myself wearing, so I got “Sexy Red”.

Arm swatch of “Sexy Red”



The product goes on smoothly and has a nice thick consistency without the stickiness of traditional lipglosses. The color is very pigmented and I would describe this particular color as a cool toned red and, despite the fact that I own my fair share of red glosses, this one still manages to be different. This is definitely one of my favorite glosses (along with these) and is really affordable, so I would definitely purchase in other colors.

The Nail Polish

When I wear nail polish, I tend to stick with pinks, white, black or neon bright colors. I actually used to hate nude colors because I felt browns and tans didn’t pop against my skin. However lately I’ve been seeing some really pretty nude colored manicures and really wanted to try one out myself. I have a pretty extensive nail polish collection but somehow own nearly every color except a nude color. So since I was at the beauty supply store, I decided to look at their polishes and came across this one :)


The nail polish is named “Petit Cochon Pink” (cute name) and it costs $1.99. In the bottle it looked like a very light pink, but actually leans more towards a light peach color on my nails. I really like the color against my skin because, although I wanted a “nude” color, I didn’t want something that matched my skin tone too closely (I know, I know…that defeats the purpose). ¬†When I applied it to my nails, I was concerned after seeing how sheer and milky looking the first coat was (the polish has good thickness and isn’t watery at all). Fortunately by the second one, it gave my nails a pretty nude color (I did a third just to cover any splotchy areas).

Overall I liked both items and would recommend them :)

Thanks for Reading!

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