Month: August 2015

2 Must Try Hair Treatments

So today I will be sharing two hair treatments that I’ve recently tried and have fallen in love with. These are not new treatments by any means, but they are new to me and I hope someone reading this finds them and enjoys them as much as I have :). Since I’m really short on free time, I usually skip the DIY treatments and just slather on the first conditioner I can get my hands on. However I have been seriously neglecting my hair lately and felt my hair needed some deeper conditioning. While browsing online a few weeks ago, I came across two hair treatments that really caught my eye. I felt that my hair was in need of some serious TLC, so the timing of coming across these treatments couldn’t be better.


DIY Piña Colada Sugar Scrub


Today I will be sharing a lovely piña colada sugar scrub recipe 😀 It is so simple to make: it only calls for three ingredients and takes less than ten minutes to make! It uses all natural ingredients so you get the benefits of the store bought scrub without all the unnatural (and often unnecessary) ingredients.