Month: September 2015

Random Hair Thoughts


I seriously love this time of year; between the perfect weather, dark lips and nails, the clothing and the impending holiday season, it’s just a wonderful time time of year. It’s also exciting knowing that a new year is just around the corner, full of possibilies. I know it might seem early, but with 2015 winding down, I’m already looking ahead to 2016. I’m also assessing how well I’m doing with my current New Years Resolutions and seeing what I can improve on. I feel that now is the time to begin prepping and laying down any groundwork for 2016 New Years Resolutions, especially those related to health/fitness. I realized I’ve been really slacking with my resolutions this year (especially those pertaining to my health and hair), so I’ve done a lot of thinking as and made some decisions.


Product Review: NYC Instant Matte BB Creme + 2 in 1 Compact Foundation Concealer


I feel like I’m on a kick with these makeup reviews 🙂 Today I will be reviewing two products from NYC Smooth Skin Line: the 2 in 1 Compact Foundation and Concealer and the 5 in 1 Instant Matte BB Creme. Both can be purchased from New York Color’s website for $3.99 or at your local Walmart for about $3.50. I was interested in trying these because, aside from my Smooth Skin Transluscent Powder (which is awesome by the way), I haven’t used NYC products in years. While browsing their website, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had really stepped their game up. I remember a few years ago when their only skin products were the bronzers (which were my favorites) and a few cheapie concealers; now they have a large variety of BB creams, pressed powders and foundations. So let’s get to the reviews!


JCat Wonder Lip Paint Review + Swatches

Today I will be reviewing the JCat Wonder Lip Paints. They retail for $4.99 on JCat’s website, but I bought a set of three for $9.99 on eBay. They come in 36 colors and the colors are mixable, so you can create an endless array of your own unique shades. Due to the similar packaging, these are often touted as a dupe for the OCC Lip Tars but, since I don’t own any Lip Tars, I personally cannot compare them (for what it’s worth, most comparisons I saw said they were a great dupe). Considering the difference in price (OCC’s are $18 while JCat’s are $4.99), they are well worth a shot.