Month: October 2015

Product Review: Suave Aloe & Waterlily Conditioner



Wow, I haven’t done a conditioner review so long (seriously, my last one was in June). Today I will be reviewing one of two Suave conditioners I recently purchased: the Aloe and Waterlily Conditioner. The review for the other conditioner will be up in the next few weeks. (more…)

My Transition to Natural Hair

My hair in December 2011, two months into my transition.

Another reason I get excited about the end of the year is because I have a few hair related anniversaries coming up. The anniversary of my big chop is November 5th (I will be three years natural this year :D) and December 1st marks one year since I began blogging 🙂 But today actually marks the four year anniversary of when I began my transition or, more accurately, the day of my last relaxer. I’ve never really discussed my transition in depth before, so I felt today would be the perfect opportunity to do so.


5 Ways I Use Olive Oil For Beauty


Olive oil may be one of the most popular oils in the hair and beauty communities, but it is one I always avoided during my healthy hair journey. It was one of the first oils I tried due to it’s availability at nearly every supermarket and massive popularity. (more…)

My Sulfur Growth Oil Recipe



Since I started using my sulfur oil mix again, I thought that I should share my recipe. I usually don’t use topical growth aides because I like to keep my regimen as simple as possible. But after seeing NJoy from LHCF get amazing growth from using sulfur, I knew I had to try it (seriously Google her…her growth in one year was nothing short of amazing)


Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub


After finishing my previous sugar scrub, I knew I had to make another one. These scrubs are so cheap, easy to make and use items most people already have on hand. I also love the fact that I can control what goes into the scrub and use all natural ingredients; I really cannot see myself buying a sugar scrub again. When deciding on my next scrub, I knew I wanted something with fresh ingredients for their nutrients and that was season appropriate. With October here, pumpkin flavored anything is everywhere so I just knew that I had to incorporate pumpkin somehow and this scrub was born.