Happy Tuesday all! For any new readers (welcome!), my “Random Hair Thoughts” is just a series of entries where I discuss and vent about hair related things that don’t warrant entire entries (yet). I try to do these about once every month or two, so here is my last one if you feel like checking an old one out. So let’s get into it:

  • I’m waiting for Black Friday like…

I’ve been good this year and haven’t really made any unnecessary hair purchases (the same cannot be said for makeup though…). While I don’t plan on going crazy, I do want to try out some new stuff (that I will review here of course 🙂 ). Generally, Black Friday/Cyber Monday are when I take advantage of sales to stock up on my non local necessities (vitamins, wigs, etc) and take the opportunity to try out new stuff. I’m making a list of things to try and I’m still looking for ideas, so if there are any hair products you plan on trying or would like to see reviewed, feel free to comment them down below.

  • I tried the Inversion Method…

And it was a bust for me – I didn’t get any growth 🙁 I followed the directions by massaging my scalp with my sulfur mix and inverting for four minutes, and got nothing. I partially blame myself because my diet wasn’t where it needed to be, so I will give it another go early next year when I’m more consistent with my diet and vitamins.

  • I’m going back to baggying

Between this and me starting to like olive oil again, I feel it’s winter 2009 all over again. Early on in my hair journey, I was so excited to grow out my hair and was willing to try anything that sounded reasonable. I ended up simplifying my regimen once I got to bra strap length and baggying was first to go because it meant I couldn’t wear my hair out. With winter around the corner and my retention already being poor, I felt that I needed to take some extra steps this winter. Unfortunately my hair is already starting to dry out (humidity kept my hair so soft and moisturized ::sigh::), so I wanted to return to a tried and true method – baggying. When I was relaxed, I only baggied my ends and after some trial and error, I got really good retention. I will do the Greenhouse Effect (better known as whole head baggying) a few times per week between wash days. Last year I tried whole head baggying a few hours after washing and moisturizing and my hair would stay moisturized for days. Looking back I realized bra strap length has always been a problematic length when I was both relaxed and natural. I always get stuck at this length for some reason, so I hope this will finally get me beyond bra strap length and to mid back length.

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