Today I will be reviewing two of the Jordana Easyliner Retractable Pencils in the shades “Rock and Rose” and “Tawny”. I got them from my local Walgreens for $2.99 each. This review is a bit different for me because, since I don’t wear lipstick often, I don’t really use lip liner. I have a few lip liners to match my dark lip colors and one or two that match my skin color, but that’s it.

But as of late, I’ve become enamored with the trend of mauve lips and nails. Luckily I already have a mauve nail color but I didn’t have any mauve lip colors. While I searched for mauve lip colors, I saw many people achieved the look I was looking for with lip liners. The concept of using lip liner alone as lip color was new to me, but I decided to give it a try. The most popular mauve liners seem to be Whirl and Soar from MAC and NYX Mauve, which is considered a dupe for Whirl. Unfortunately Mauve is hard to find so I found myself looking for a dupe of dupe (Inception anyone?). I saw both “Rock and Rose” and “Tawny” touted as a dupe and I knew they weren’t expensive so I decided to give them a try.

Okay, enough of my rambling and on to the swatches and reviews!

Tawny is a pink nude color. It pretty much matches my natural lip color exactly.

Rock and Rose is a dusty mauve nude. I can’t vouch as to whether it’s a dupe for MAC Whirl or NYX Mauve, but it is a reasonable price, so it’s worth a shot.

Overall these are good liners for the price. They are obviously very matte, so I would definitely exfoliate and moisturize your lips with some type of lip balm if you want to use these as a lip color. You should be gentle when applying because the liner does break if you’re too rough. They didn’t give the color pay off I was expecting and pretty much matched my natural lip color. These would be perfect for their intended purpose (just lining the lips) or for someone looking for a subtle nude color. I also think these colors are universally flattering and would look good on any skin color.

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