Today I will be reviewing Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in the shade “Clueless”. They retail for $6 on Colourpop’s website but since I only wanted one color, I ordered mine off of eBay for $9.99 with free shipping. I really wanted to review this one because, I guess since this is a newer shade, there aren’t too many reviews on it. The few reviews I did see on people close to my complexion were what ultimately sold me on this shade. As you may know, I have been in search of a mauve lip color. The Jordana Easyliners were nice, but weren’t pigmented enough to give the effect I was looking for, so I was back on the lip for my perfect mauve lip color. While searching, I came across Colourpop.

I’ll be honest that I have seriously been sleeping on Colourpop; they are hugely popular and, while I had seen people raving about their products in passing, I didn’t really pay them any mind until a few weeks ago. What really caught my eye was the Ultra Matte Lip colors; I loved the large selection of colors, the great pigmentation and how affordable they were, so I decided to give them a try.When it came to choosing colors, I knew I wanted a mauve color and Clueless seemed perfect. I did have my eye on a few other shades (Mars, Guess and More Better), but realized I had similar lip colors already and decided to pass (for now 😉 ). Shipping was quick and the seller took great care with packaging; I even got the cute personalized note most people get with their Colourpop orders :)

Arm swatch of "Clueless"
Arm swatch of “Clueless”

Clueless is described as a “dusty mauve pink”. Although there is only 0.11 ounces of product, the tube feels “sturdy” if that makes sense. I was expecting it to be one of those thin flimsy lip gloss tubes (think like Smackers gloss) but was pleasantly surprised. The first thing I noticed is how “dry” this product is when applying and even in the tube. Since this is my first legitimate matte lip product this may be normal and I’m just not used to it, if so please excuse my ignorance. It also begins to mattify almost immediately after application. Once it’s on, it is super comfortable and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your lips. It’s so comfortable that I literally forgot I was wearing it lol. But that forgetfulness helped me discover that this lip color has great staying power; I ate a sandwich, had something to drink and the lip color did not budge. Even hours after applying, the color did not fade. 


I love this color and it is exactly what I was looking for. For some reason, it looks mauve in the tube and when swatched on my arm, but in pictures it looks really light on my lips. I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or my natural lip color affecting how it looks on camera. I promise in normal lighting, it resembles the color in the arm swatch picture. I would wear this with a darker lip liner or one that matches my skin, because it is on the edge of being too light for me. I definitely recommend exfoliating and moisturizing your lips with a lip balm prior to using this because it makes application smoother and this lip color will show every lip imperfection. I’m very happy I got this and I’m really considering getting more colors. If the other shades are anything like Clueless in terms of longevity, pigmentation and comfort, I would definitely recommend them. They are also extremely affordable and there is literally a color for everyone.

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