So with 2015 winding down, I thought now would be a great time to do a round up of my favorite hair products of 2015. These are products that, although I just discovered them this year, they already hold a special place for me. At first I was going to just do a combined beauty and hair favorites, but then I realized they really needed to be separate posts. I didn’t want a super long post nor did I want to omit things that I genuinely loved this year, so my favorite beauty products will be posted later this week.

So here my favorite hair products in 2015:

feature1. Crece Pelo

This post would not be complete without my Holy Grail deep conditioner. This isn’t my favorite conditioner of 2015, but of my entire six year hair journey period. It’s crazy knowing how many years I ignored this conditioner; I would always see this at my local beauty supply and I even tried the leave in, but never tried thought to try out the conditioner. This conditioner seriously works magic on my hair and, if you haven’t checked out the review already, here it is.

DSCN79762. Jason Vitamin E
This is another Holy Grail product I discovered this year. While this has been more of a game changer for my skin regimen, I still cannot imagine conditioning my hair without adding this in. Here is the review if you’re interested

images3. Aloe Vera
I can’t believe I waited so long to try out aloe vera. Truthfully, I don’t remember what prompted me to try it but I’m so glad I did. My hair loves aloe vera and anything containing it (well, almost everything).  Let’s not forget aloe vera is also used in one of my favorite hair treatments. I did get some aloe vera gel to try as a styling gel but it didn’t work for my type 4 hair (I will probably try it out again with a different leave in). However I did try it out on someone with fine type 3 hair and it worked wonderfully as a gel; it gave great hold, curl definition, softness and shine.

71mfKkKPoqL._SL1500_4. Avocado Oil
Although I recently got back on good terms with olive oil, avocado oil is still my go to heavy oil. It’s thick but doesn’t weigh my hair down (like castor oil) and leaves it so soft. I also use it on my skin, but definitely use this much more for my hair. What’s funny is this was more of an impulse buy, so it kind of sat around collecting dust for awhile. It wasn’t until I did some research on my favorite oils that I became aware of the amazing benefits of avocado oil.

shea-moisture5. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
I tried this right after I big chopped and remember that while it did leave my hair soft, it didn’t define my curls. Curl Enhancing Smoothie my ass, I thought…so I kinda just threw it in the back of my cabinet. But while researching to attempt my first (successful) twistout,I fell back in love with this leave in. This leave in is awesome for set styles like braidouts, twistouts, etc and is heavy enough for the impending winter. When I moisturize with this and seal with avocado oil, my hair stays soft and moisturized for days. I’m so happy I found this combo because I was really struggling with finding a leave in and oil for my hair this winter.

DSCN79776. Clay
I had been putting off using clay for the longest time. It wasn’t until I tried the Maximum Hydration Method that I really research clay and liked the results on other people’s hair. Despite it’s messiness, I have grown to absolutely love clay and what it does for my hair. To be totally honest, were the regimen not so limited and time consuming, I would return to the Maximum Hydration Method because my hair looked and felt great on it. But I’m just fine with taking away the products that worked for me (Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner and bentonite clay). In 2016, I’m hoping to use it for it’s intended purpose (facial mask) and I may even try another type of clay like rhassoul.

gpn7. Aubrey GPB Conditioner

Admittedly I almost left this out because I don’t use it nearly as much as I should. I really love this conditioner because it is a light protein and has the perfect balance of moisture and protein. Protein conditioners were always a gray area in my regimen because, while I know they are necessary for healthy hair, I was always concerned about protein overload from a too much protein (especially now that I’m natural and don’t need as much). While I do still like Aphogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor, Aubrey’s GPB is slightly cheaper and is silicone and mineral oil free.

So that’s it for this list. Check back later this week for my top five favorite beauty products of 2015 🙂

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