So since I just did a list of my favorite hair products of 2015, I figured it was time to do a post for my favorite beauty products of 2015!When I first thought of compiling a list of my favorite products, I really didn’t think I would need one specifically for beauty. But towards the end of this year, my interest in skincare and, to a lesser extent, nails has really been growing while my interest in haircare has been stagnant. It’s not to say that hair topics bore me, it’s just that this is the time of year where I keep my hair hidden in braids, so there isn’t really much to discuss in terms of hair. While haircare will always be a topic on this blog, there will definitely be more beauty posts (skincare/nails/makeup) in 2016 🙂

So here are my favorite beauty products of 2015:

1. Jason Vitamin E Oil
I could go on and on about this oil all day. It is amazing because not only is it full of oils high in Vitamin E, but also quite a few ceramide oils. If you don’t understand the importance of ceramides, read here why they’re awesome. While I use it for both my hair and skin, I primarIly bought it for my skin and I couldn’t be happier. I remember when I started using Vitamin E oil years ago, I would mix it with a ceramide oil, then mix it with my lotion and apply to my skin. Now that I have this oil, I already have the perfect blend of Vitamin E and ceramides in one bottle and moisturizing my skin is that much more simple. You can read the full review HERE.

2. Homemade Sugar Scrubs
Seriously I love DIY scrubs and they have been one of my greatest beauty finds on 2015. I hated the idea of buying something that I could make at home for a fraction of the price and without all the icky unnecessary chemicals. So far, I’ve made a piña colada scrub and a pumpkin spice sugar scrub and cannot wait to make more! I really want to branch out to other ingredients like coffee grounds, and to body part specific scrubs like lip scrubs, facial scrubs, etc. I may even take the plunge and make my own whipped body butter 🙂 Expect more DIY recipes in 2016

3. JCat Wonder Lip Paint
I’ve tried quite a few lip products this year that I really liked, but ranking them on this list has been somewhat difficult. They’re all affordable and have great attributes that they bring to the table. However what ultimately made me choose JCat over the others was a combination of their color variety, price and their versatility. It can be glossy but also does dry down, but isn’t nearly as matte as Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lip. You can read the review here.

20150624_1147474. Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquer
This one is special to me because this was the first non-cheap lip gloss that I bought based off of Youtube reviews. Before I got this one, I just got whatever lip gloss looked pretty in a tube and was under $2. Unless the lip gloss was clear or red, I was usually disappointed and ended up with just a clear lip gloss with a hint of color. This lip lacquer was a only a little more than I was used to paying for, but it was so worth it. Trying this helped me expand my lip product horizons and the rest is history. I still adore this lip lacquer because it is so pigmented, the color is gorgeous and it is so affordable ($3.99 at your local beauty supply). There aren’t many colors in this line, but the colors it does have are all beautiful and pigmented. Check out the review here.

5. Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in “Clueless”
Although I just got this, I adore this lip product and really want to try other shades from the Ultra Matte Lip line. I only got one because this was the color I was looking for and the others I liked seemed too similar to lip colors I already have. I will be keeping an eye out for any new Ultra Matte Lip color releases because I really love the idea of a dark matte lip (like the Ultra Matte Lip in “Guess”). We will see what 2016 has in store 😉 In the meantime, if you want to read the review for Clueless, check it out HERE

DSCN7098 6. LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint
While I do like these, the other lip products I tried I liked a little more. My love for the colors Tango and Hot Mess (my go to warm weather lip colors) are what got these on the list. These colors are so unique, pretty and perfect for warm sunny days. I did like Bombshell as well and as for the others, I think I would’ve liked them better as matte colors. To be totally honest, once I came across JCat’s Wonder Lip Paints they totally blew these out of the water for me based purely on their color selection (I did a comparison of them if you’re interested) You can read the review for the Glazed Lip Paints HERE.

So that’s it for the list. I hope you liked recapping my favorites as much as I have 🙂 (making this list has inspired me to pull out some of these items and start using them again!)

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