DSCN8247  Today I’m back with two firsts for 2016 – my first sugar scrub of the year and my first lip scrub recipe! You guys already know that I love sugar scrubs -they’re cheap, easy to make and make my skin feel and look great. While browsing Pinterest, I came across the prettiest pink lip scrub and my interest in lip scrubs was immediately piqued.

Lip scrubs are excellent for exfoliating your lips and keeping them pretty in spite of the cold harsh air. I was excited to try a lip scrub because I wanted a different way to exfoliate my lips, aside from using a toothbrush (no shade to anyone who does this). I also realized that I haven’t shared a sugar scrub recipe in awhile (I’ve made scrubs but they need a little tweaking), so I thought this one would be perfect. Although I love sugar scrubs, I kind of hate how messy the process of making them can be. But with this recipe, since it requires so little ingredients, there is little to no mess to clean afterwards :)

DSCN8252Coconut Vanilla Lip Scrub Recipe
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp Coconut Oil (I started with this and added more as I went along)
A few drops of Vanilla Extract

I mixed it together in a bowl before transferring it to my container. I just happened to have a small empty cosmetics jar, but you can definitely find small jars at Amazon, Walmart or craft stores.

I didn’t think making sugar scrubs could be any easier, but this lip scrub was done in under 5 minutes. This scrub leaves my lips so soft and it smells lovely due to the vanilla extract and coconut oil. I usually follow the scrub up with a lip balm like Chapstick (the Chocolate Truffle scent is heavenly), so as you can imagine my lips are soft and smell good. This scrub is also great to use before you wear a matte lip color like Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lip (just use a lip balm to “condition” the lips after exfoliating and wipe it off before applying the lip product!)

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