Can you believe that we are already in February? February is one of my favorite months of the year simply because it is my birthday month.  As I told you guys, I’ve gotten pretty good at reigning in my spending habits (not that they were extreme to begin within). However once my birthday rolls around, I like to treat myself to a few items and I now have the excuse that I can review those purchases on here. So you guys can expect a few non hair product reviews this month 😉


But I’m going to start off this month with a nail polish review! I’m excited because I haven’t done a nail polish review since last June. My love for pretty nails has been burgeoning for the last few months and I have picked up quite a few polishes since then (I still have some to get as well ::avoids eye contact::) I will definitely be reviewing those over the next few months, but today will be reviewing the Pure Ice Nail Polish in the color “Party Hard”. This brand of polish is only sold at Walmart, but I’m sure you can find it online at Walmart.com, eBay and possibly Amazon.

One of the non-hair resolutions I have for this year is to keep my nails polished and pretty. A fun fact about me is that I’ve never been to a nail salon or worn fake nails before. My nails have always grown long so I just paint them when I’m feeling fancy :). So while I already own a nail polish in pretty much every color of the rainbow, I’m slowly gravitating more towards dark vampy colors and nudes (I used to just wear reds, pinks, white, black and neons). While browsing on Instagram, I saw a few gorgeous dark blue manicures and realized I didn’t own a single dark blue polish :(

I was on the hunt for the perfect dark blue color and originally had my eyes on China Glaze’s Calypso Blue or Queen B, but came across this Pure Ice polish at my local Walmart first. I figured at $1.99, it was well worth a shot. This may just be me but I don’t like spending much on polishes because, since I have so many colors, my polishes will last awhile. Aside from certain colors like pinks, I don’t wear the same colors repeatedly so I’d hate to have a $10 polish collecting dust, I was skeptical of this polish at first because I have tried other Pure Ice Polishes and the pigmentation kind of sucked. But I had hoped since this was a regular polish and not one of the shimmery ones, that it would be a little better.


I would describe the color of this polish as a gorgeous dark navy blue. The formula was better than I expected, it was the perfect thickness and even one coat had good opacity. I applied two coats to cover any areas I missed and was quite pleased with the results. I absolutely love this color and think it is perfect for the fall and winter. Seeing how nice and pigmented the formula of this polish is makes me want to check out their other colors, especially given how affordable they are. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a cute nail color at a great price.

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