Month: April 2016

My New Favorite Leave In

So I told you guys how I’m taking things slow and enjoying my hair now. One thing I just learned and I’m thoroughly enjoying is that (more…)

DIY Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

So with warmer weather on the horizon, it is definitely time to start getting our skin ready for summer. I’ll be honest that I haven’t made a sugar scrub in months, my last being this lip scrub. In winter, I generally shy away from sugar scrubs because I prefer a more gentle, nourishing exfoliator. I’ve been using this Coconut & Papaya Soap from Nubian Heritage because while the papaya exfoliates and brightens the skin, the coconut milk nourishes the skin. The soap exfoliates my skin without leaving it dry and is perfect for cooler months.

Now that it’s getting warm again, I’m returning to my trusted sugar scrubs (what I like to do is use the Coconut and Papaya Soap after the scrub to impart moisture). What made me want to try a grapefruit scrub is the fact that grapefruits are high in vitamins A and C (which are essential for healthy, glowing skin) and many other antioxidants. You can make this scrub without juice from a grapefruit, but I prefer having the fruit juice and vitamins in my scrub 🙂


1 Cup of Sugar
1/3 Cup Oil (I like a thick oil like olive oil)
1/8 Cup of Fresh Grapefruit Juice (from the fruit, not a bottle)
A few drops of red food color (Optional)

Mix everything together in a bowl and transfer to a container of your choice, like a jar. When making your scrub, start with 1/4 cup of oil and add oil until it reaches the consistency you like. I prefer my scrub to be more dry and chunky, so I’m usually good with 1/3 cup. The scrub should last a few weeks even without refrigeration, but definitely keep an eye on it if using fresh grapefruit juice. This scrubs leaves my skin soft, but doesn’t dry it out. It has a mild grapefruit scent and I would add some food color to give the scrub some personality (I wish I had made mine pink or red!). I hope you like this scrub as much as I do 🙂

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Random Hair Thoughts

It’s so crazy that it’s already April. I decided to kick this month off with a Random (Hair) Thoughts post! (I haven’t done one since November) I love doing these posts because it allows me to get more personal and just discuss what’s on my mind regarding my hair. I initially had hoped to do these monthly but not much goes on hair wise for me, so I only get to do these type of entries a few times per year unfortunately. So let’s get into it!

I Feel Like I’m In a Different Place on my Hair Journey
I wouldn’t say im in maintenance mode, but im definitely taking a much more relaxed approach to my hair. I’ve been so focused on reaching waist length because I feel like I should’ve been there by now (to be totally honest, if I were more consistent and took better care of my hair, I would’ve reached it in 2014-2015). I’m really just not interested in doing all the extras for hair growth (inversion, using sulfur growth mixes, etc) right now, although I’ll see how I feel once it warms up and I’m washing my hair more frequently.

At the moment, my focus is hair health over length and just enjoying my hair in the now. As of now my goal is to reach mid back length by fall and waist length by early 2017. I’m sure I’ll reach my goals before then, but I’m seriously in no hurry. Right now I’m just keeping my hair braided and regimen simple.

I (Finally) Gave Myself A Much Needed Trim
I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t trimmed my hair in about a year. But I was in desperate need of a trim because the single strand knots and tangles in my hair were out of control. I’m still stuck at bra strap length unfortunately, but I’m hoping this trim will get my retention back on track and make styling easier.

I Won’t Be Straightening until at least November
I’ll be honest that this is something I’ve been mulling over for months now and had pretty much decided on without actually admitting it. I had planned to straighten later this month, but I haven’t been caring for my hair like I should and my hair hasn’t grown much since my last straightening, so I want to avoid disappointing myself. It’s exciting to know that my straightening in November will be my first attempt in straightening my hair in 18 months. Part of me is toying with the idea of skipping my November straightening, but that’s not even on my radar yet. Hopefully I’ll be waist length whenever I choose to straighten and my hair will be as straight as possible; I literally haven’t had bone straight hair in four years (I’m hoping this new addition to my regimen helps!)