I love May; although Spring may have officially started in late March, the weather doesn’t start to consistently be nice until May here in New York. So I thought this would be the perfect time to try out a new conditioner. Ever since my hair was relaxed, I loved cowashing (washing with just conditioner) in the summer; damp freshly washed hair feels so good on those super hot humid days. I had pretty much used up my cowashing conditioners (you can read the reviews for them here and here), so I actually had an excuse to buy more 🙂 So I picked up this V05 Kiwi Lime Squeeze Clarifying Conditioner from my local supermarket for less than a dollar and will be reviewing it for you today!

I was excited to try this because had heard many great things about this conditioner over the years, but had never seen it in store. So when I did see this and it was on sale (not that VO5 is normally expensive), I snatched it up.


To be totally honest, I love how VO5 conditioners make my hair feel but I was never crazy about the weird ingredients. I think I got spoiled by using more “natural” conditioners like this one, as well as my favorite deep conditioner and my new favorite leave in. What caught my eye was that this conditioner contains hydrolyzed collagen (the other standout ingredients, aside from rosemary and kiwi extract, are pretty par for the course for VO5 conditioners). This conditioner would work as an excellent mild protein for days I don’t feel like doing a Cherry Lola Treatment or want something even milder than this protein conditioner

The conditioner is a lime green color and has a lovely kiwi smell, likely thanks to the kiwi extract. I think I’m obsessed with the fragrance of this conditioner to be honest. I left this on for the duration of my shower and when I rinsed, my hair was super soft, moisturized and actually had some definition. I was surprised because usually only conditioners with natural/botanical ingredients give me definition (I chalk the definition up to the hydrolyzed collagen). Despite this being labelled a “clarifying” conditioner (I’m not even sure which of the ingredients would be considered clarifying), my hair didn’t feel stripped in any way.

I love this conditioner, but since it has protein, I probably won’t get use it too often to avoid protein overload (I would probably use it weekly or biweekly at most). This conditioner is a winner for me because it’s affordable, has some protein, leaves my hair soft with some definition and smells awesome. I will definitely repurchase and can’t wait to cowash with this in the summer 🙂 I would definitely recommend this conditioner, especially to someone with relaxed/chemically treated hair who likes cowashing or even a natural who straightens a lot, because the mild protein would be so beneficial for your hair.