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Coconut & Vanilla Lip Scrub

DSCN8247  Today I’m back with two firsts for 2016 – my first sugar scrub of the year and my first lip scrub recipe! You guys already know that I love sugar scrubs -they’re cheap, easy to make and make my skin feel and look great. While browsing Pinterest, I came across the prettiest pink lip scrub and my interest in lip scrubs was immediately piqued. (more…)

My Top 5 Beauty Products of 2015

So since I just did a list of my favorite hair products of 2015, I figured it was time to do a post for my favorite beauty products of 2015!When I first thought of compiling a list of my favorite products, I really didn’t think I would need one specifically for beauty. But towards the end of this year, my interest in skincare and, to a lesser extent, nails has really been growing while my interest in haircare has been stagnant. It’s not to say that hair topics bore me, it’s just that this is the time of year where I keep my hair hidden in braids, so there isn’t really much to discuss in terms of hair. While haircare will always be a topic on this blog, there will definitely be more beauty posts (skincare/nails/makeup) in 2016 :)


My Cyber Monday Mini Haul

Just a quick heads up, I created a survey to get some feedback on this blog. I would genuinely appreciate if you took a moment to answer (if you already did, thank you so much and feel free to skip this!) because your responses will help me tailor my future posts more towards what you guys want to see :)

5 Ways I Use Olive Oil For Beauty


Olive oil may be one of the most popular oils in the hair and beauty communities, but it is one I always avoided during my healthy hair journey. It was one of the first oils I tried due to it’s availability at nearly every supermarket and massive popularity. (more…)